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New Patches (single patch)

American Flag Patches  (single patch)
Country Flags (2.5"x1.5") (single patch) Canada Flag Patches (single patch)

Country Flags (3"x2") (single patch)

USA State Flags (3.5"x2.25") (single patch)
 Country Flags (3.5"x2.25") (single patch) USA State Flags (3"x2")(single patch)

Flags in Shield (single patch)

Jamaican Bob Patches(single patch)

Other Patches (single patch)

RASTA African Patches(single patch)

Skull Patches (single patch)

Military Patches (single patch)

Puerto Rico Patches (single patch)

Mexico Patches (single patch)

Sign Patches   (single patch)

New York Patches (single patch)

Free Patches

Flags / Palm Tree(single patch)

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